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CNC Machine Milling

For 31 years, Latva Machine Inc. has been a trusted provider of exceptional CNC Milling and Turning. We've built a reputation on supplying our customers with precision and quality, and we promise every new customer the same satisfaction and quality our existing customers have come to rely on when it comes to CNC milling.

Our goal is to provide our customers with more than turnkey contract manufacturing and machining. We want to provide CNC Milling services with a level of quality and precision that will make Latva Machine Inc. not simply a one time supplier of CNC machining, but a trusted source for years to come.

Providing Horizontal CNC Milling and Vertical CNC Milling

With that in mind, we provide horizontal and vertical CNC milling up to 15,000 rpm, 4 axis capacity, a tool carousel up to 120 pockets per machine with thru coolant available, and tool makers on staff.

In addition, Latva Machine Inc. also offers pre-production engineering, design services, and complete manufacturing on site to help improve the quality of every CNC milling project. Other additional secondary operations include anodizing, assembly, grinding, painting, powder coating, plating, and welding.

CNC Milling Capabilities:

  • 12 CNC Lathes
  • 20 CNC Machine Centers
  • milling machine tools4 axis capacity
  • CNC Milling up to 15,000 RPM
  • CNC Milling for low quantity complex parts or high volume parts
  • FFL and ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Tool carousel up to 120 pockets per machine with thru coolant available
  • Tool makers on staff
  • Vertical and Horizontal machines

Milling Metal with Milling Precision

Through aggressively recruiting new talent and constantly honing the skills of our existing team, the combination of fresh knowledge and industry experience at Latva Machine Inc. allows us to provide the very best CNC turning, milling and more. This approach to CNC milling has made us a go-to supplier for government, aerospace, and other contracts where quality and precision are absolute necessities. Contact us today to learn more about CNC milling at Latva Machine Inc.

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Latva Machine - a precision milling lathe shop and trusted provider, milling metal with milling precision.
We can supply your CNC machine milling needs with quality service. Call us at 603 863 5155 for custom precision CNC milled parts.