Precision Machining

Precision machining allows you to change your design during production if necessary, without having to start over. In this case, standard aerospace CNC machining might not be enough. That is why Latva Machine should be your first choice. Volume is also an important consideration. To maintain quality control, consistency is crucial and that is what we offer. We let you know what to expect and we deliver. You can trust the professionals at Latva machine to treat each job as if they were creating it for themselves. That instills confidence and ensures an extra level of care and precision needed to create the machine you expected when you placed your order.We have two precision machining shops currently running two shifts with more than fifty CNC machines. We always work to meet production requirements while still maintaining our maintenance machining obligations.

We also stay current with new developments in the aviation industry to offer you the best precision machining available. Latva Machine is up to date with recent developments in the field of aerospace machining. With aviation goals like zero-emission flight, aircraft structural health monitoring and advances in aerospace tooling and machining, it is imperative to maintain the quality standards we have established. Now more than ever, it is crucial to have a qualified and dedicated company leading your project. Join us at Latva Machine and become a part of our aerospace machining family. You will be happy with the results and singing our praises as a company who cares about each project while getting it done precisely and on time.