Aerospace Machining is the process of using CNC equipment to machine and maintain essential spacecraft and aircraft parts. Qualifications to supply this industry require an AS9100 certification and having trained Class A machinists operating precision CNC machines which are needed to hold the close tolerances these components require. These Class A machinists have the skills to set up and operate precision machine tools, understand blueprints as well as computer aided design (CAD) and manufacturing processes. If you’re looking for a first-class aerospace machining supplier, you’ve found it.  Latva Machine understands the importance of accuracy and safety in the machining of aerospace parts, which is why only skilled aerospace machinists work here. We guarantee that our machinists have achieved the skill and technique required to build aerospace parts to product specifications.

Aerospace Machining: Why it’s different

Aerospace Machining is different from many other machining requirements due to the amount of training and knowledge of high-temperature alloys used in this market. There is no room for error when manufacturing parts for aviation, the military and space program, therefore we assure all our employees meet the strictest standards of excellence. Our employees require knowledge in specialized math skills like calculus, trigonometry and geometry. They must be confident in operating computer-controlled equipment and meet all safety requirements.

What makes Latva top Aerospace Machine Shop

Precision is key and although they say nothing is perfect, our aerospace machining shop can challenge that old saying. We work with a variety of exotic materials such as titanium, Inconel and Molybdenum in a clean and safe environment. In the aviation industry there is no margin for error and every employee understands that. Standards have changed over the years as more and more is learned about aerospace machining. LATVA can machine whatever material your components require. In addition to aerospace CNC machining, Latva Machine produces components for Stereo Zoom Parfocal Trinocular microscopes to support the silicon wafer industry. We also provide several other industries which require the highest level of cleanliness using our class 5 clean room when packaging components for the pharmaceutical and medical research industries.

What is Aerospace CNC Machining?

Complex shapes are now easily produced using our 5 axis CNC machines which are necessary to produce complex shapes in today’s precision aerospace market. The capabilities of this aerospace precision equipment include milling, turning, multi-axis machining and more. With this precision technology, most any material and shape can be machined.

Latva offers aerospace machining production as well as other precision machining for a variety of markets

Precision machining services including assembly, laser marking, helical insert installation and part inspection documentation with available records. Our vendor partnerships help us provide you with complete to print products including plating, anodize, NDT, heat treat, leak testing and government military specification painting and marking. Our products are produced in our facility with more than fifty modern cutting-edge aerospace CNC machines. Our custom precision metal machining process includes CNC programming, milling and turning, all backed by our AS 9100 quality assurance guarantee.

Updated Aerospace Machining capabilities

In the past few years Latva Machine has added three 5 axis machining centers to better support our aerospace machining. With aviation goals like zero-emission flight, reducing aircraft noise, observing the environment from space mining the moon our tooling, machining and quality standards are constantly being upgraded.

Latva: The Aerospace Machining Authority

No matter what material you need for your aerospace machining project, Latva Machine can machine it. As aerospace precision machining is still evolving, now is the time to choose the right machining operation to complete your machining requirements. New breakthroughs in the field are on the horizon and Latva Machine will be ready with the latest aerospace machining technologies to make your project a success. When your priorities are function and safety, you can rely on Latva Machine to deliver. We service a variety of other industries beyond aerospace.  Medical, Microscopy and silicon wafer industries are just a few.

Our precision machining facility currently runs two shifts with more than fifty CNC machines. We stay current with new developments in the aviation industry and are prepared to offer support to the best aerospace precision machining supporting programs such as the RAIDER X®.  The RAIDER X is specifically designed as a prototype for the U.S. Army’s Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA).