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5 Reasons to work with Latva Machine Inc.
  1. In business since 1979
    Latva Machine Inc has been able to withstand the down turns in the American manufacturing sector over the years because of our flexibility in being able to manufacture for different industries, treating our employees as our most valuable asset, while giving them every opportunity to move their careers forward (some employees have been with us for over 20 years) and by constantly investing in new equipment to meet the highest of standards set by the machining industry.

  2. Exotic materials experience
    As technology progresses, exotic metals are being used more and more because they are found to be lighter, can withstand higher intensities of heat or other harsh conditions and are more malleable. Common metals like Stainless Steel or aluminum are being replaced with these harder to work with metals, however knowledge of these materials like Titanium or Inconel® is rare among machinists.

    Latva Machine has been machining these types of metals for years. We can often recommend materials that other machine shops cannot because of our vast knowledge of rare materials like Hastelloy and Monel®.

  3. 45,000 sq ft total in 2 facilities
    Machining, InspectionsLatva Machine Inc has been steadily growing and increasing its capabilities over the last 30+ years. We now have 2 separate facilities to handle your machining, forging and casting needs. Having this much space allows us to be flexible with your production and delivery (just-in-time delivery) schedule. We can also direct your project to the particular facility that has the capabilities needed for your firearms, medical , automotive or aerospace components, whereas smaller machining facilities are stuck with production limits or outsourcing. Yet, as large as we have become, we have remained faithful to our principles and work ethics developed here in rural NH.

  4. Supply complete to print
    While we are not a full service engineering shop, Latva Machine Inc regularly works with engineers; assisting them with the manufacturability of their designs, thus enabling them to reduce costs.

    What separates Latva Machine from other suppliers is our ability to supply complete to print regardless of the raw material (exotics, castings, forgings, extrusions, etc.) and have the ability to complete any of the myriad of uncommon special processes such as heat treat, plating, painting, NDT, pressure testing, and balancing frequently seen in demanding markets such as the aerospace component market.

  5. ISO 9001:2015 Certified
    Many machining facilities brag about how clean and up to date their machines are and they are likely just as good or better than they say. However, what one deems as stringent standards may not be equal to what someone else's standards are. By being an ISO 9001:2015 Certified machining facility, we are required to adhere to these stringent standards.

    These standards are publicly available for anyone to read. If any machine shop says they are ISO 9001:2015 certified, have them show you their certificate as proof. Ours is available here.
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Latva Machine Inc provides precision CNC machining services and has extensive experience and expertise in the military (department of defense), aerospace,
medical and firearms industries. The capabilities needed for those industries make us a good fit for other industries that demand perfection like
aerospace components and medical component machining, offering short or long runs for production CNC machining.